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Paid Search Advertising

We offer Paid Search Advertising Services such as Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Remarketing Ads. Let us Setup and Manage Your Paid Search Advertising.

Paid Search Ads (Pay-Per-Click)

Paid Search Ads often referred to as Pay-Per-Click advertising are the most common form of online advertising. You’ll see them if you enter a search query into Google, Bing or any of the major search engines for a given product or service. Advertisers bid on placement for their ads and pay a certain amount each time their ad is clicked on. These types of ads work best for business owners who have a lot of online competition or who wish to gain quick exposure for their products or services.

How Paid Search Ads Work

In the most basic of terms advertisers buy ads based on keywords (video game, washing machine, kitchen appliance, etc.) or search terms (large red kitchen mixer, outdoor green gas grill, etc.) that match their products or services. When someone clicks on their ad the advertiser is charged a given amount of money for the click. The person doing the search then arrives on a web page on the advertiser’s website that matches those keywords or search terms.

So, if an advertiser bids $1.50 maximum on the keyword “large red kitchen mixer”, and that’s the highest bid, they’ll probably show up first in the paid ads. The search engines do have other criteria but as a general rule the highest bids will show up in the 1st or 2nd position.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads are the two leading Paid Search Ad providers. Social Media offers their own versions and those sites can be a great way to attract new customers and engage current ones. Paid Search Ads can generate instant targeted traffic to websites along with leads and sales.

Paid Search Advertising Can Benefit Any Business

Paid Search Ads can be setup and managed to meet a business’s individual marketing goal. Looking to reach only prospects within a given area? Looking to spend a certain amount each month or advertise your sales and specials at certain times of the day or month? We can help with all those!!

We have years of experience in setting up and managing Pay-Per-Click Advertising. We can get your ads online quickly and at a cost you can afford. Each month we will provide you with detailed reports on how your ads are performing and advice on any changes we recommend.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Can Generate Instant Traffic and New Customers.

Paid Search Ads are a good way to increase traffic to your website for competitive products and services, engage with new prospects and bring brand awareness to your company. Once the campaign has been setup ads will start displaying quickly.

If your focus is on local business then a campaign may be setup to reach only potential customers within a geographical area that you select.

Any Type of Online Advertising Requires a Website and/or Social Media Presence

Both Paid Search Advertising and Paid Social Advertising need somewhere online to send people who click on an ad. If your business does not have a website and/or a social media presence, we can help!! We’ll be glad to discuss how we can improve and enhance your businesses presence on the internet.

Remarketing Ads Are a Great Way to Convert Your Website Visitors into Customers. Call us to learn about these ads!!

Paid Search Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads are a form of online advertising that allows a website owner to display ads on other websites and social media to potential customers who have previously visited their website. Whether a prospect is browsing another website, watching videos or viewing a social media site an ad will appear to remind them of a product or service they have viewed on the advertiser’s website.

Example of a Remarketing Ad

For this example, we’ll use Fred and Wilma. Fred owns a business that sells shoes and has a nice website. Wilma browses Fred’s website looking for a new pair of sneakers. She sees a few possibilities and really likes the red pair but wants to think about it for a day or two. Wilma goes about her day and later that evening decides to check the weather forecast online. While viewing the weather website an ad displays from Fred’s website advertising his sneakers. The ad also mentions free shipping for a limited time. Wilma sees the ad, notices the red sneakers and decides to take advantage of the free shipping. She then clicks on the ad and is taken back to Fred’s website where she purchases the sneakers.

Short Technical Discussion of Remarketing Ads

These types of ads use a “browser cookie” (Small piece of code in a file on a visitor’s computer, tablet or phone) to track website visitors. Cookies are harmless and used everyday in millions of websites for multiple purposes. In the above example Fred’s website set a cookie on Wilma’s laptop the first time she visited his website. When Wilma viewed the weather website the cookie and remarketing code worked together to display an ad from Fred’s website.

Remarketing Ads Are a Great Way to Convert Visitors into Customers

This type of advertising keeps your brand, products and services in front of potential customers. These ads do not display randomly, only to people who have previously visited your website and shown an interest in what your business offers. Used correctly and placed strategically conversion rates can increase dramatically.

There are opt out options for visitors who do not wish to see these types of ads if there are concerns about privacy or simply not wishing to annoy a website visitor.

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