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Social Media Marketing

Create Awareness of Your Brand, Products & Services On Today's Most Popular Social Media Sites

Our Social Media Services

At Mountain Empire Web Creations we offer several different social media marketing services that can be tailored to your businesses specific needs. All of our services are designed to grow your online presence, attract new customers while engaging your current customer base, draw traffic to your website and boost your profits. Below you’ll find an overview of each social media service we offer.

Social Media Audit

If your existing social media presence is not generating leads or customers or if it’s not meeting your goals then it’s time for a social media audit. Our audit will examine your presence, analytics, followers, competition and other metrics to determine what needs changing to attract more traffic, likes and followers to your social media channels. We will then make recommendations for you to follow or we can do the work for you.

Create a Social Media Presence

Looking to get your business, group or organization active on social media but not sure how? We can create your social media presence across multiple social media channels. This service includes research, developing a strategy for your presence, account creation, social media page design, analytics, initial content creation, training and introduction to social media advertising.

Social Media Posting, Advertising and Content Development

Let us take the burden off your busy schedule by posting weekly or daily updates to your social media channels. Want to talk about your products or services on social media but not sure how to write content that moves the needle? We can create content and ads that will delight and engage your visitors.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Paid Social Advertising can be a great way to draw attention to your products and services. Social media attracts a wide demographic of people with varied interests, hobbies and lifestyles. This type of advertising works differently than traditional advertising. Ads are displayed based on user interests, topics they comment on, their geographic location and other variables.

Typically ads are displayed in the user’s timeline or feeds and depending on the social media site may appear on a sidebar. The most popular sites for social media advertising are Facebook and Twitter. Other popular sites for this type of advertising are Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Much like conventional paid advertising, budgets can be set and ads targeted to certain users. Analysis of ads and analytics are also used to measure the success of a social media advertising campaign.

Create Awareness of Your Brand, Products & Services On Today's Most Popular Social Media Sites

Social Media has exploded over the last decade. Millions of people are sharing information, ideas, interests and photos along with keeping in touch with family and friends. The advent of the smartphone has grown social media exponentially. For businesses social media is a great way to create brand awareness, promote products, services and engage their customer base. It also allows organizations, clubs and groups to keep members informed of events and meetings.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are the most popular social media websites but there are several other sites that also have a large group of users. By far the largest and most well know social media site is Facebook with 160 million users in the United States alone. All the most popular sites are free to join, offer different levels of participation and offer apps for smartphones.

Benefits of Social Media for Business Include:

  • Free or Inexpensive to Join
  • Create Awareness of your Brand, Products and Services
  • Keep Consumers Informed of Sales and Specials
  • Answer Questions and Comments about Your Business

There Is No Better Way of Attracting Millennials To Your Business Than Through Social Media.

These 22-37 years old consumers don't always notice print, radio or television ads. A very high percentage of this age group use smart phones and social media in their daily lives, so it is very important for a business to have a strong social media presence.

It is the quickest and least expensive way to inform, connect and engage with consumers. Putting the effort into using multiple social media channels can pay huge dividends especially if integrated with traditional advertising methods. Every business should make social media a part of their marketing and advertising plans.

What if My Business doesn't have a Website?

Social Media works best if your business has a website. However, there are still advantages to be had for businesses that don't. You company, products and services will be displayed in front of a huge potential customer base, you can communicate easily with those consumers and build online trust and confidence.

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