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Responsive Web Design

A Responsive Website Looks Good on any Type of Device.

We Create Engaging, Mobile First Websites

Responsive Websites are the current standard in website design. Popular since 2013 this type of website utilizes “mobile first” code to allow a website to change to accommodate whatever device a user is viewing the website on. Pre 2013 most websites were developed only for desktop and laptop computers. As smartphones and tablets became popular it was realized that “old style” websites did not always look good and were not user friendly on these devices. Add in the various screen sizes common on these devices and it rapidly became apparent that website design methodology needed to change.

How a Responsive Website works is beyond the scope of this page. Here we will focus on why your business website should be responsive and the advantages of having a responsive site. Please note: The following discussion applies to anyone who wants a modern, clean and professional looking website, not just business owners.

Why Choose Mountain Empire Web Creations for your Responsive Website Development

Responsive website design is a crucial aspect of modern web development. With more and more people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, having a website that is optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions is essential. Working with a local web developer can be an excellent option for businesses looking to create a responsive website. Local web developers have a deep understanding of the community and the local market, allowing them to create a website that is tailored to the specific needs of the business and its customers. They can also provide a more personalized approach, working closely with the business owner to ensure that the website accurately reflects their brand and vision.

By working with a local web developer for responsive website design, businesses can also benefit from ongoing support and maintenance. As technology continues to evolve, it is important to keep a website up-to-date and optimized for the latest devices and software. Local web developers can provide regular updates and maintenance services, ensuring that the website is functioning properly and providing the best possible user experience. Additionally, local web developers can provide valuable insights into local search engine optimization strategies, helping businesses to rank higher in search results and attract more local customers. Overall, working with a local web developer for responsive website design can be a smart investment for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence and attract more customers.

1 A Responsive Website Looks Good on any Type of Device

Visitors to your website use a variety of devices to view your pages and content. Visits from a mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop) make up more than half of the visits to websites these days. If your website does not adapt and respond well to these devices visitors and potential customers will leave in favor of a more friendly website. Online customers often use a mobile device to browse products and services while making purchasing decisions. They want information quickly and will not tolerate a slow, frustrating online experience.

Responsive websites detect the device a visitor is using and automatically change the pages and content to accommodate the given device. This leads to a more friendly and satisfying experience for potential customers and may well lead to a new client or sale for your business.

2 Responsive Websites are More Cost Effective

A Responsive Website saves time and money over creating one version of a website for a desktop, another for a tablet and yet another for a smartphone. In the early days of tablets and smartphones this was a common practice and cost the website owner more money in development and design costs. Since Responsive sites automatically adapt to mobile devices these extra costs are eliminated.

3 Less Expensive to Maintain and Update

Maintenance and Update costs are reduced compared to “old style” websites. The agency managing your website only needs to make changes to one website instead of the same changes being applied to both a desktop and mobile website.

4 A More Positive Experience for Your Visitors

A website that loads quickly on all devices and get the visitors to the products, services or information they are interested in will naturally lead to a more positive, enjoyable experience. Responsive sites load much quicker, use interfaces such as buttons, menu’s and tabs to help get the visitor where they want to go and will make your website’s first impression as professional and seamless as possible. They optimize automatically to suit the user’s screen and loads quickly and efficiently, thus making it more likely that the visitor will form a positive opinion of your business.

5 Better Search Engine Rankings

When potential customers search for keywords relating to your business, products or services you want to appear near the top of the search results. Responsive websites are better for your search engine rankings for various reasons, for example, because they tend to provide higher user satisfaction and therefore lower bounce rates (People leaving a website after a short time).

6 Designed For the Future

With technology ever changing especially with smartphones and tablets it will pay dividends to ensure your website is ready for those changes. Responsive websites offer the ability to meet the needs of today’s technology and for the future.

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