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Paid Social Advertising

Social Media Advertising Generates Interest and Engagement in Your Busines Paid Social Advertising will attract social media users who use and buy the products and services you offer.

Paid Social Ads

Social Media has exploded over the last 15 years with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leading the way. Facebook alone has over 190 million users in the United States as of 2019 with that number expected to grow well over 200 million by 2021. The Millennial Generation has made social media their own and spends hours each day communicating with their friends and colleagues.

It’s very important to the success of most business to have a social media presence. In hand with that presence may be Social Media Advertising. Unlike traditional Paid Search Ads that focus mainly on keywords advertising on social media focuses on demographics such as age, gender, interests and likes. As with other forms of Online Advertising prospective customers can be targeted based on these demographics to maximize advertising dollars.

How Paid Advertising on Social Media Works

Social Media Advertising uses demographics, user likes, user interests and other data to serve ads believed relevant to a given user. Traditional paid search advertising is based on what an advertiser believes are the correct keywords, location and interests of potential customers. Also, unlike the plain text ads you see on traditional paid search (pay-per-click) ads, social media ads often use images or videos to bring attention and interest to the user. As you can see in the image at left a video has been used in the Facebook ad example and an image in the LinkedIn ad example.

Advertisers are still charged a given amount of money each time a user clicks on their ad but again unlike pay-per-click advertising there is no bidding between competitors for ad placement. Thus, social media advertising can be far more economical for small business allowing them to showcase their products and services to the users they select.

Another advantage of social media advertising is engaging and informing your current customer base. Have a sale or special promotion you’d like to advertise? Would you like to attract new users to your Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram feeds? Then a social media ad may be the right choice. An ad served at the right time to the right user creates interest and interaction.

We have years of experience in setting up and managing Social Media Advertising. We can get your ads online quickly and at a cost you can afford. Each month we will provide you with detailed reports on how your ads are performing and advice on any changes we recommend.

Social Media Advertising Generates Interest and Engagement in Your Business

Looking to drive quality traffic and new customers to your website and business? Would you like an easy way to engage and inform your current customer base? Would you like to attract business from the 22-37-year-old demographic?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then paid social ads are a great step for your business. These Economical, Data Driven Ads will attract social media users who use and buy the products and services you offer.

Any Type of Social Media Advertising Requires a Social Media Presence

Paid Social Advertising need somewhere online to send people who click on an ad. If your business does not have a social media presence, we can help!! We’ll be glad to discuss how we can improve and enhance your businesses presence on the major social media sites.

Social Media Remarketing Ads Are a Great Way to Convert Visitors into Customers.

Social Media Remarketing Ads

Imagine being able to display an ad to someone who has recently visited your website and browsed your products or services. Keeping your brand and business in front of potential customers is essential in today’s connected world. If they have visited your website odds are, they will visit your competitors. Remarketing is a great way to have a leg up on your competition. Let’s look at how this type of ad can help your business.

Example of a Remarketing Ad

For this example, we’ll use Julie. Julie is getting married in a few months and is shopping online for wedding decorations. Carol owns a bridal shop and has a very nice website. Julie visits several websites but the bridal website that Carol owns is the only website that uses remarketing. Later that day Julie is on Facebook and sees a display ad from Carol’s bridal shop. Carol’s ad includes a picture that reminds Julie of a decoration she saw on Carol’s website. She also notices a code that offers 10% off all orders from the ad. Julie immediately clicks on the ad which takes her to Carol’s website. Julie purchased the decoration along with other wedding supplies.

Short Technical Discussion of Remarketing Ads

These types of ads use a “browser cookie” (Small piece of code in a file on a visitor’s computer, tablet or phone) to track website visitors. Cookies are harmless and used everyday in millions of websites for multiple purposes. In the above example Carol’s website set a cookie on Julie’s laptop the first time she visited her website. While Julie was browsing Facebook the cookie and remarketing code worked together to display an ad from Carol’s website.

Remarketing Ads Are a Great Way to Convert Visitors into Customers

This type of advertising keeps your brand, products and services in front of potential customers. These ads do not display randomly, only to people who have previously visited your website and shown an interest in what your business offers. Used correctly and placed strategically conversion rates can increase dramatically.

There are opt out options for visitors who do not wish to see these types of ads if there are concerns about privacy or simply not wishing to annoy a website visitor.

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